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The Boring Tax

man looks bored

Be interesting or be ready to pay, big time.

It’s what all businesses covet, the referral from a friend, positive word of mouth, the “this band is so AWESOME you have to listen to it” kind of media. We the people are the media that increasingly matters most valuable to businesses.

No amount of money is guaranteed to win us over. Not even $10 Million dollars (erghhmn GM)

To activate “we the media”, your organization has to be built to do so. Built to be interesting, to create Social Objects worthy of our time, of our “share” capital.

Threadless, Pebble, Amanda Palmer, these “businesses’ have hit on something. They’re doing interesting.

If you can’t do interesting, you’re going to have to pay the “Boring Tax”. Sponsored posts, paid placements, $10 million dollars on Facebook ads.

When $10 million doesn’t overcome the boring tax, what makes you think your business can do it?

Be interesting or be ready to pay, big time.

Seems to be the way the world is going, and I for one welcome our new interesting overlords.

Photo Credit: Norman Breslow (great shot man!)

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